Live the Dream


We just finished a long series at Southeast (15 weeks). The Way Back covered the Israelites return from Exile in the books of Ezra, Zechariah, Haggai, Esther and Nehemiah. Even though it's a lot of time, several topics and a few different speakers, one common theme seemed to crop up.

Like the Israelites, God has given you a dream, a burden or a project, and it's time to start moving forward on it.

The amazing thing is, this isn't the only place I've heard this message. It seems everywhere I look, listen or read, the message is always the same. God has a dream for you. Get going! If you don't have a dream or a burden, ask for one.

I know I'm not the only one hearing this. I'm starting to hear from people at Southeast and friends from across the country on Twitter and Facebook, that God's given them a dream, a burden, and they need to step out in risk and fear to start moving that dream forward.

What is your church prepared to do to equip your people to accomplish the dreams God has given them?

I'm really curious about this one. I've asked this question to Southeast leadership, and I'm curious about how other churches are prepared to help their people.

What about you personally? Has God given you a dream or a burden? How are you moving it forward?

If you're stuck in your dream, or if you need to jump start it, here are some things to think about:

Dream Year:

Ben Arment, the creator of STORY, has a year long program, DREAMYEAR, to help people accomplish their dreams. Ben guides aspiring writers, musicians, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and humanitarians in creating a personalized plan to execute their dreams. Then he assists in the follow-through via monthly consultations, exclusive weekly e-lessons, monthly TokBox conversations and free resources. Free admission to Dream Year weekend and STORY 2011 are also included with acceptance. Complete the entire program for the cost of less than two college classes. Visit for details, but hurry; the deadline for applications is this Friday, December 3.

Dream Year Weekend:

If you're not ready for a year long coaching program, but need to jumpstart your vision, there's always the Dream Year weekend (I'll be there!). Hosted in Nashville on January 21-23, 2011, Dream Year weekend is an intensive "conference version" of DREAMYEAR that allows you to learn from experts, develop a personal year-long plan (including weekly e-lessons), and receive personal feedback/resources to make your dream a reality. Best of all, you can bring your spouse for a minimal upcharge and meals are included. Sign up HERE.

Has God given you a dream or a burden? I'd love to hear about it.