Three Dreams

I'm just getting home from Nashville where I participated in Ben Arment's Dream Year program. The plan is to fine tune the dream that God has given me, and to implement that plan within the next year. One of my biggest motivations to attend the conference was get some real clarity for the dream I'm chasing. I need to be able to explain it.

Unfortunately, I have a new problem.

The dream I brought with me now seems too unwieldy and has split into two projects, and an old one has resurfaced. Here they are:

  • Southeast (my church and job) spent 15 weeks last fall telling our people that God has a dream or a burden for them, and that it's time to start acting on those dreams. I'm beginning to hear these dreams surface through a few people I know. Someone needs to help these people. They need encouragement and guidance as they pursue these dreams. The burden on my heart is the future of those dreams.

  • Southeast, like most churches, lacks a good system for innovation. My thought is that the best ideas on how to do ministry are already in your staff. You just need to know how to draw them out, capture them, then turn them into actionable projects. I think I have a process, but I need to work it out some. My goal is to iron out the process (at Southeast or somewhere else) the start replicating it in other churches.

  • Here's the idea that's been on my backburner for over a year; a series of web-only videos that teach boudaries in marriage regarding Facebook and other social media platforms. My goal is to go bigger than just videos, with a Facebook-centric web presence to offer discussion questions and community interaction about the lessons. The videos would need to be humorous and have the right on-camera personality (I know who I want, and he's my first Big Ask) so they'll be easy to share. All the online interaction is secondary to getting the message out.

The way things are working out, I may be trying to do all three of the this year. Maybe someone will talk me down. Or maybe God will close some doors. Either way, it's beginning. I'm meeting with our Lead Team about these first two ideas (on Monday, January 24 at roughly 9:00 am MST if you'd like to pray for me). The third dream has been nagging me for a long time, so I'm itching to get it started.

I was thinking my OneWord for 2011 would be something like Action. I might need to adopt Ben's: Hustle.