Defining Myself

In the book The War of Art. Steven Pressfield suggests that our talents and skills are not how we define ourselves, but simply tools in my toolbox to accomplish what I need to do.

We do not overidentify with our jobs. We may take pride in our work, we may stay late and come in on weekends, but we recognize we are not our job descriptions.

He then talks about how an amateur is so overly invested in a work's success, that he is paralyzed with fear over it's failure.

I have often defined myself as a designer. But reading that statement makes me reconsider that definition.

When I define myself as an designer, I limit myself to being only a designer. I need to broaden that definition. I might choose Artist, Dreamer, or Creative, but even those are too narrow. How should I define myself?

The only definition that seems to matter is that I am a child of God. I can't think of anything else.

When I am a child of God, I have all the rights and authority that implies. I accept God's authority to accomplish the dreams he has given me. I accept his provision to make it happen.