Giving It Away


There is a bit of debate in the church world about making resources available for free. In my small circle of friends, I have several on each side.

I've never really had an issue making my work available for free. I think it's silly to require or request payment for it, especially if it's church-to-church. I mean, we're all working toward the same goal, and we all live in the same Kingdom.

Some worry that there's so much work involved into packaging and posting, that we should be compensated for that effort. I understand that.

Think of this:
If we give those resources to God's kingdom, will he not bless it?

Does your church make it's resources available to other churches? Is it paid or free?


If you would like to make your resources available, but aren't sure how to get started, I have a solution for you.

My buddy Stephen Martin has a dream to make a ton of resources available to churches all over the world. The result is Vintage Church Rescources. He has a good system, and is willing to help with all the packaging (even reformatting and compiling stuff into a quickstart pack). His is that this site will go beyond design, to include all forms of media and even curriculum. If you have something to share, send it his way. I've made a lot of my work available on this site to help get him started.

If you want to help Stephen with his dream, just ask. We're looking for more artists and support.

I almost forgot, his longer term dream is to plant a church in Texas, so get him on your radar!