Little Things

A while ago, I was reading the story where Jesus takes the loaves and fish and with it feeds thousands of people with my oldest son (he's four as I write this). The preschool curriculum created a cute little backstory of the boys mom packing his lunch. The little boy walks to hear Jesus teach. When Jesus asks for food, he brings his tiny lunch to Jesus who takes it, multiplies it, and feeds thousands.

After reading that with my boy, I jotted this post idea down, and I was reminded of it just after STORY11.

In January, this guy came to me at the DreamYear weekend in Nashville. He said he was excited to meet me...

Let's do a LOST-style flashback. In September 2009, I had a really rough go, and I wrote a post about how I hoped things would get better. It centered on Lamentations 3:21. The theme I grabbed onto in this verse was "yet, I still dare to hope."

Back to January. A guy comes up to me and says he's excited to meet me. He says he read this post about Lamentations 3:21, and it's had a tremendous impact on his life. It's become a sort of mission statement for this season of his life.

I'm stunned.

That's cool, right? Wait, it get's better.

Fast forward again to this September at STORY11. The same guy finds me again and tells me he's preached four messages on this verse using different biblical characters.


It was a rough time. I was grasping at straws. I found some encouragement and was compelled to share it. 

I have no idea the actual size of the impact of that one, sort of ranty post. But I do know that God is multiplying it. He's taking a crappy little post of five loaves and two fish, and doing something amazing with it. Far beyond the reach of anything I could have imagined.

I gave a little thing over to God, and he's using it to transform more lives than I can imagine. That's what God wants from you, too. He wants you to hand over a little thing, so He can change lives.

Is God asking you to be faithful in a little thing? Does he want you to hand something over so He can use it to change the world?