Masculine to Birth Control...

In the last couple of weeks, I've wrestled with this project for a women's event. My biggest struggle was to avoid pink, lace and flowers, as well as all the typical design elements for women. I wanted this piece to communicate women, hip, and young.

It's a monthly meeting for women to connect and develop friendships. Since the event takes place in the evening, the crowd they're more likely to attract is younger women (it's also a terribly overlooked demographic where we are).

The first round came out overly masculine. And even though my wife helped me choose the font for the second version, it was still too blocky and square.

As I rolled out the third round, I knew I finally had a victory with my type choice. I just needed the background to swing a little more feminine (just stripes weren't enough).

Adobe Kuler to the rescue!

Unfortunately, the first thing that pops to mind when I see the new color scheme is birth control medication. It's that circle of dots, combined with the color scheme that makes it look I'm designing a pharmaceutical ad.

Finally, I ditched the dots and worked in some bokeh. This puppy is done.

Do you have any stories like this for your designs. I'd love to hear them.

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