Joy and the Lack Thereof

I've spent today simmering on the concept of joy. It's something that is missing in my life. I mean, I'll have good days and bad days. I can do happy and sad, but when more than one thing in my life goes wrong, I totally lose it. It's like I don't have any emotional margin (space between doing ok, and completely losing it).

Do you ever feel like that? Maybe I'm the only one.

This weekend I listened to a message that may have pointed out the root of my margin issue. I lack joy.

So, I'm working on it. I'll be prioritizing God's presence in my day, and praying for joy. I would give anything for it. Really.

I built the image above on my iPad today. I tend to process better while working with my hands. I used Art Studio to do everything. I'm was surprised with all it could do. Thoughts of joy bring me back to the beginning of Psalm 40; hence the music sheet.