Digging It: Episode One

Here are a couple things I've been inspired by lately.

Foundation from Kevin RoseFoundation is a newsletter and video series from Kevin Rose. He interviews various entrepreneurs from the tech industry and talks about how they got started, overcame their fears and created some really amazing businesses. It's cool, really inspiring and has some great tips for people pursuing their dreams. Any Dream Year peeps should check it out. The newsletter is $3.99 a month and also gets you early access to the videos. I'm not a subscriber, and I catch the videos through iTunes when they get released.


Molly Dooker Wine

I'm a sucker for good typography. I passed this wine on an endcap the other day and it snagged my eye. I was almost willing to pay $25 for a bottle of it just because of the type. It's hotness!

What's inspired you this week?