Space for Innovation

"We need a way to start capturing the ideas of from our staff."

That's the statement that got me trucking on creative processes. I have ideas, and I'm certain others on our staff have ideas. Over the years I've gained the courage to share mine with the people to which they apply. Unfortunately, I don't think the rest of our staff has that same courage, so the amazing and exciting ideas that are simmering in the hearts and minds of our staff are getting stagnant, and dying. After reading Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky, this dream grew in a slightly different direction.

How can I not only capture these ideas from our staff, but also help make them happen?

At a lunch with some guys from another department, I brought up the Dreamers and Doers idea that Belsky presented in the book. With even the mildest description of each, they were able to quickly identify who on their team fit each model. Suddenly, the creative process from Disney that he mentioned in the book made much more sense.

I found a kindred spirit in Stephen Brewster, who has been using a similar system at CrossPoint Church in Nashville. I've been learning from his mistakes, and I'm planning on sharing a few of mine with you. I want to learn how to make this model work, and show other organizations and individuals how to use it to innovate. I'm discovering that a lot of orgs and people feel the need for a change in current creative processes (if there even is one).

I want to change that.

What question launched your big idea or your dream?