Working with video in Photoshop

I put together a series of video loops the other day, and someone asked me how I did it. With the help of my buddy Joe Cavazos, I was able to record this short video on how to work with video in Photoshop.

Video options (i.e. the Animation palette) are only available in Photoshop CS* Extended. That's why I had to build this tutorial at work, instead of at home.

Here's a simple thought that'll keep things easy:

Video is just another layer.

When you approach it as just another layer, everything comes together quickly, and the options explode. Where you would normally only consider a photo, you now have the option to work with video.

If you want to get crazy with it, make sure your convert the video layer into a smart object. If you don't, filters and the like may only apply to one frame.

I find it helpful to start my work in the video file, using it as my base. From there I crop and resize as needed.

What it won't do.

If you're used to working with video, you won't have much of the fine control. You have keyframing on a few parameters (as well as everything PS can do) but that's about all.

You don't get any audio control. Photoshop only let's you play with the video itself. The cool part is it doesn't strip the audio, so I've opened in PS to add more style, and after I export the audio is still in place and untouched.

Here are a few of the loops I built:

Edit: I totally spaced to mention where I got the awesome loops. They come from Zach Fonville. Grab some and start playing.