Don't Dream on Your Own

"We work better for others because we are not responsible for the execution.”

When you're dreaming for your own idea, it can be tough to think of new approaches. The statement above really seems to encapsulate that feeling. We edit our own ideas. Resistance gains a foothold, and we put off our dreams.

Invite others to dream with you. The people who help you dream aren't connected to the end result, so they are free to think about where your idea could possibly go.

At the DreamYear Weekend in Nashville, I got to experience this first hand. Ben asked us all to discuss the idea model of the lemonade stand. The room buzzed as each table discussed how to change the existing model. When we finished, each table shared their best idea; they ranged from a charity stand where you pay for a celebrity autographed cup, to one that sells "adult" and frozen lemonades.

Idea generation happens best in a community. The best way to cultivate your big idea, your dream, is in a group.

Seek diversity when bringing together a team to cultivate your idea. Those different backgrounds, skills and perspectives will take your dream in directions you never would have considered.

The more people you have contributing, the more ideas you'll get. If you don't know a lot of idea people, then just get some bodies in the meeting.

This should be a safe place. No idea is a bad idea. Work to avoid shooting down an idea that sounds silly (either verbally, or with body language). I know it's hard to avoid, but logistics (how do we do it?) and quality of the idea will all be addressed later.

Have you experienced you dream growing and thriving in a group? Have you experienced the opposite?