Drawing Jonah

I had this simple and easy idea to bust out some movie-ish art for a series on Jonah. I had a great photo at Shutterstock in mind, and only a few days to work it out. Just throw a boat or a fish tail on some waves and bam! Instant Jonah art.

Then I took a morning to refresh my creativity (something I've been trying to do weekly).

I couldn't get the Jonah story out of my brain. The story is so much more than Jonah in the storm or in the fish. It includes the message he delivered to Ninevah, as well has his bitterness at their repentance.

That's some good story! Is it possible to encompass all those disparate parts into one cohesive piece? Something like a poster that, just maybe, people might want to take home. Something they can look at later, and remember the whole story; how he fled, got a second chance, how the city repented, and how God addressed Jonah's heart problems.

It was the swirls on Love & War & the Sea In Between that kept pulling me in. They represent the sea, and common element in the story, but they could also be clouds, a fish, bubbles, or a tree.

I did a couple rough sketches to find the style of swirl I wanted. Then drew the whole thing out on paper in an afternoon.

From there, it was all Photoshop and Illustrator to get something workable.

In the end, I think my vision was greater than the reception, but it was a great challenge and it allowed me to get back to my drawing roots.

Oh yeah, props to Shane Harris for taking the teeny-tiny type sketches in my book, and turning them into something workable. It's saved me a bunch of time.

The final piece. Links to hi-res jpeg

Do you have a story where the vision for your art grew beyond your initial thoughts? Tell us about it!