STORY11: Ann Voskamp

Author of One Thousand Gifts. My brief notes here, simply can't do justice to her incredible talk.

Maybe creativity is being comfortable in not knowing what comes next.

When leaders fail to offer poetic language, or a vision of what we might become, the nation flounders and the people perish.

Poetry is the language that slows us down in a world that's obsessed with speed.

Where there is no poetry, there is no alternative future.

Art is never about applause, it's about an altar.

The prophets spoke in poetry. It's the language of God.

It's the creative class, the poets that are the legislators.

The poets and prophets are the ones called by God to proclaim the Kingdom and invite people to come to Him.

Art is a prophetic call.

In Christ, time is never running out. We are gaining time.

Only the amateurs hurry.

Imagine Nation; bring forth the image of God to all nations.

See. Creators have the habit of gazing. Notice and respond. Art is always an act of slowing down and attending.

Gratitude. Creators cultivate the habit of gratitude. We don't create wind. We wait for it and prepare for it. There is nothing covetous about creativity; it's all a gift. It's a posture bowed and waiting with your hand to heaven. Gratitude for the gift always precedes the gift of more God.

Giving Glory. The true call of all creatives is to enjoy God, and respond out of that love.

Is it all about me? Or is it all about His glory?

It's all for you. All the gifts and beauty in this world are for you. Though this world is ugly; it is beautiful.