STORY11: Ed Dobson

Ed Dobson has been diagnosed with ALS. He was given 2-5 years to live; 10 years ago. He spent a year "living like Jesus", observing the feasts and festivals, reading the gospels every week, and doing his best to live that out.

Being told "you're dying" is being stuck in a tomb.

How do we climb from the tomb, up the stairs, to the light and warmth?

"I have set before you life and death. Choose life, that you may live." - Moses last message to the Israelites

We can choose life, and climb out of the tomb, or we can lay down and die.

"There are no tomorrows. "I know this with every fiber of my being." The only day we have is today.

Live now! For the glory of God.

When you're living in fear, every issue is overwhelming and discouraging.

God said he will never leave us or forsake us. We rely on Him and say, "the Lord is my helper."

The truth is, you don't control squat.

When you're worried about the future, it's hard to find God. When you're living in the moment, He's always there with you.