STORY11: Skye Jethani

We live is a dangerous world. We become afraid. The fear causes us to attempt to take control.

When we seek control, it must take it from someone else.

What better way to control the universe, than to take control of the God who created it.

Life under God is ruled by fear.

Life over God relies on natural law at the center of the universe.

Life from God puts us at the center. If we apply the Bible to our lives, and we can have a good life.

Life for God is missional in focus. We are working for Him.

Life with God is about relationship. It's not a means to an end, He is the end.

Now, when we see the danger of the world, and become afraid; we have a choice; instead of grasping for control, we can surrender to God and realize we are safe in His arms.

The church is dreaming the dreams of this world. We need a new vision of a life with God.