It's Going Down

I spent a little time yesterday morning trying to recharge creatively after a really busy weekend. I ended up resting and circling around the mystery of God. I have a friend who was recently let go from his job, and I kept thinking about how he's exactly where God wants him. God removed him from a painful situation, and now has him sitting in the unknown, the wilderness. That's where God likes to talk with us.

I had planned to post these thoughts for him on Facebook as encouragement. But I was going to wait until I got to work.

Within minutes of getting to work, my boss (our communications director) tells us he's taking a new job. We have two weeks to learn how to handle the administrative parts of the department that he took care of. Suddenly, I find myself swimming in uncertainty.

I'm not sure what this means for me. Here are the questions I'm wrestling with:

How are we going to handle the next couple of sucky weeks?

Do I have the right skills to take over his job?

Do I want his job?

Will I be free to lean into the creative planning and processes if I take over his job?

So, if I'm kind of out of pocket for the next couple of weeks, this is why.