This is the end of an insanely busy season couple of months. I've had to outsource a great deal of thinking to my amazing wife. If it wasn't related to a project at Southeast (my day job) or one of my giant stack of side projects, I really couldn't keep track of it. My brain was so full of other stuff.

That's what delegation is for, right? After nearly dropping the ball on a family night by forgetting to invite my younger brother, I realized I just couldn't do it all. When things get crazy I need some help. Thankfully my wife and brothers understood. I appreciate them.

There's nothing wrong with a busy season. As my friend Stephen Brewster says, hustle is good. But it can get overwhelming and sap the life and creativity out of you. What about a couple tips for managing a busy season?

Take time to refill creatively.
This is probably the most overlooked resource when things get crazy. But our work as creatives requires us to be able to generate work. When both jobs are drawing from my creativity, I quickly run dry, and the work becomes that much harder. Set aside a couple of hours to pour into yourself creatively; whatever that looks like.

Seriously, it can be tough to manage life when think are so insane. Bring friends or family alongside to help manage the stuff that's not work related. Once you explain how overwhelmed you are, I'm sure they'll understand and be happy to help.
I'm curious about how you handle this one when you're busy. If you have delegation tips, share them in the comments below.

Limit it.
The only reason we can say yes (or Hell yeah!) to an insanely busy season is that it's just that; a season. Make sure you know it will end. You will have to say no to a project or two, but you can't keep running yourself ragged until the end of time. In my case, I started telling potential clients I was at least a month out. It was true, and I didn't have the weight of those who needed their projects in less than a week.

What about you? How do you manage your busy seasons?