One Thousand Premieres

This summer, I had the opportunity to work on a project that will bring a feature film to life. How cool is that? I mean, what creative doesn't want to be involved in the creation of a film?

The creators of STORY and DreamYear are launching a campaign called ONE THOUSAND PREMIERES, to bring the epic tale of David and Goliath to life through film. The story will be broadcast to a new generation using an international simulcast (via live-stream).

As if that alone wasn't cool enough, they're inviting you to help. Individuals, churches and community organizations can support the film by purchasing "licenses" to show the film to their communities. By hosting one of these premieres, you are funding the production of this Biblical story.

A screening of the film can be booked for as little as $99 for a home showing or as much as $999 to show it to an unlimited number of people during premiere weekend, October 12-14.

Seriously, why should we rely on Hollywood to tell the stories that define our history, our culture and future generations? Now is your chance to jump in, and make a difference.

If you'd like some print materials to share with people: 

snag a print-ready PDF 

or a more email-friendly version.

These are what I worked on :)





Have you ever dreamed of working on a film? What stories would you like to tell?