The Story of the Glory: Part 1

img - glory story 1.jpg

Christmas at a church is hard. I mean, how many different ways can you present the birth of Christ. All my church peeps know what's up.

This year, we tried something different for us, motivated by my apathy of this holiday. I'm figuring if I can create a Christmas experience that I might be able to enjoy, everyone else will love it. 

Here's my plan:

  • The weekend service may be the only time people can stop during the Christmas season. Let's make the most of that, and help them remember and engage in the stories of Christmas.
  • Each week, let's approach the message from a storytelling perspective. My hope is that people will rest long enough to find themselves in the stories of Christmas. We're tackling some non-traditional stories like Zechariah & Elizabeth, Simeon & Anna, Herod and the Magi. These stories all thread together around one event, the birth of Christ. It's like Snatch and Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels where multiple stories intertwine around one event. The Glory Of It All seemed a fitting title. I've been itching to use it for Christmas for a long time.
  • Let's make the environment more conducive to storytelling and listening. We'll add trees to the stage and (at least for the first week) a scent to the room. I'm hoping it will help people lock in some awesome memories of the services.
  • I want the art to feel traditional, warm and inviting. I'm even more excited about the motion short that will introduce each weekend.

I'll post some updates on how it goes.