Seeds Conference: Tweets

I sent a few tweets during sessions that didn't really lend themselves to more formal note taking.

"Art is about marking people forever." Giving them experiences they won't forget. @whitneygeorge #seedsconf

"It is arrogant to think you can do in your spare time, what people dedicate their lives to." @whitneygeorge

There is no magic behind the magic. It's hard work. @whitneygeorge #seedsconf

Plan a "felt needs" series for your largest attendance time of year. A great series to invite people to. @whitneygeorge #seedsconf

Connect people to the next thin coming up. @whitneygeorge #seedsconf

Make it easy for people to advertise your series for you. @whitneygeorge #seedsconf

If you don't have much to work with, work with what you've got. @whitneygeorge #seedsconf

Tension will wreck the chemistry of a creative team. Your team members need to get over it or get out. Not all ideas are winners #seedsconf

You cannot underestimate the power of chemistry in a creative setting. @whitneygeorge #seedsconf

If you're making major changes at the weekend, you didn't do enough work in the planning. @whitneygeorge #seedsconf

"You can miss the supernatural when you looking or the spectacular" @Willie_George #seedsconf

Consider limitations as parameters, not boundaries. @pacehartfield #seedsconf

God has given you everything you need to do what he wants you to do in your situation. #seedsconf

Good musicians are attracted to good music. Do what you can do well. Be who you are. Be authentic. #seedsconf

"We discovered the excellence factor kept people away. They were intimidated." @pacehartfield #seedsconf

To excite people, to sell them out, the leader must be excited and passionate. #seedsconf

You are creating for your pastor, an the call God's given him. You have to earn trust. @whitneygeorge #seedsconf

Haha! Target 18-25 age range. Everyone under 18 wants to be 18. Everyone above 25 wants to be 25. #seedsconf

No one is looking out for your schedule but you. Set up boundaries. #seedsconf