STORY 2012 :: Notebook


After unsuccessful several attempts to upload my notes on the fly at the conference, I decided I'd just compile them into a PDF (a handy feature of Paper by FiftyThree).

Here are a few of my highlights:

Bob Goff
"I am as creative as me; you are as creative as you"
Erwin McManus
"You don't have to have hope to create art, but you must have hope to create beauty."
Isaac Rentz
"Creativity is supposed to be hard."
Mason Jar Music
"f you're passionate about creating anything, you gotta do the work. And find some friends to help!"
Anne Lamott
"Write it down. It's a gift."
Micah Bournes
"Brokenness belongs to us all. But hope only to those who come together before God."
Mako Fujimura
"Swim upstream. Create where the waters are pure."
Kyle Idleman
"Don't expect God to bless his competition."
Phil Vischer
"God doesn't call us to outcomes. He calls us to obedience."