The Silly Story of Jack's Baptism


Some events are solemn and serious.

Some are wild and silly.

ometimes it's who is there and their mood that defines the feeling of the event.

The Backstory

About a year ago, we were chatting with my oldest son at bedtime. The topic of salvation came up. He asked how he could be saved. The simple answer is "ask Jesus into your heart."

Jack got really quiet. My wife and I asked if we could walk him through that prayer.

"No, it's ok. I already did."

There you have it.

Baptism is the next step in our faith, but at his age, we didn't want to rush into it. Especially with such a quick and simple answer. We chatted with him off and on over the next year. Eventually, Jack started asking us to get baptized. Conversations would quickly shift to whatever other topic, so we continued to wait.

Finally, he tells one of his grandmothers, "Mommy and Papa won't let me get baptized."

That changed our perspective pretty quickly. Apparently his quick conversation shifts didn't mean he wasn't serious.

There were conversations with pastors, parents and friends, and then we scheduled his baptism (after rescheduling a couple of times due to illness).

The Event

It was a long day with soccer in the morning, haircuts in the afternoon and late to our appointment at the church. Jack, Toby (the younger brother), Daphne (the little sister), Leigh and I were finally on-stage during communion. Toby was tired, and therefor, silly. I had placed him on the steps so he could see since Leigh was holding Daphne.

Toby immediately stuck his arms in the water to see if it was hot or cold.

"Toby. Stop."

He pulled his arms out and waved them, sprinkling the rest of us. Then he bends over the edge of baptistry, toward the water, with his tongue hanging out.

"Toby. Stop!"

This is where the mic turns on.

"But I'm thirsty!"

The lights came up. I had all this great stuff that I want to say, but it was all gone. I stumbled my way through the a couple of points in the back story while Toby waved at himself on the big screen behind us. I asked the questions (struggled through the second) and dunked my oldest son.

Praise God.

Jack was shivering when he came out and headed back to the dressing room. I couldn't stop hugging his skinny little shivering body. I love that kid.

A few minutes later, he tells me, "I would not like to be baptized again!"

Good thing it's something you really only do once, buddy :)

Toby said we should take a silly photo.

Toby said we should take a silly photo.

Were you there? How did it look from your end?