My church, Southeast, has been pushing people to connect with God daily through reading scripture and praying (even if only for five minutes a day). Surprisingly, that's been incredibly difficult for me. 

I'm not much of a routine kind of guy. Any time I try to build one, it falls apart quickly. 

Then someone suggested ritual, instead. While it may not appear to be much more than a semantic difference, there's certainly a change in motivation. The goal in a routine is to get through a set of tasks in a certain order, while a ritual is more about achieving different mindset at the end of a series of actions.

That's how I see it anyway. I'm in a pretty crazy season at the moment where I'm way short-handed at work and it's easy to get overwhelmed. I need that five minutes a day with God. Those five minutes a day to myself. 

I'm trying a ritual to get myself in reading and prayer mode each morning.  While the time will change, the actions stay the same.

Wake. Coffee and Water. Sit. Pray. Read. Respond.

All so I can set myself in a mode to connect with God. 

I'm almost three weeks in, and it seems to be helping.