Leadercast Lessons: Trust the System

People want their authority to be worthy of trust.
— Malcom Gladwell

I love when I can leave a conference and apply lessons right away. Leadercast was just that for me.

Less than a week after returning from Atlanta, I took an open opportunity to address my coworkers at the weekly staff meeting. The plan was to offer a little vision about why I do what I do (I should write about that soon). During my prep, I added a topic about our communication system. The staff just isn't using it correctly. I was looking at one of those "bring the hammer down" chats.

Because of the talk by Malcolm Gladwell, I had pause enough to ask "why?" Why don't they use the system right? Do they feel the system is legitimate? Does it respect them? Does it appear fair? Is it worthy of trust? 

Bingo. Without too much of a stretch, I was able to answer that question. 


I've been dropping the ball on project through the system, and things weren't getting done on time or at all. Why would they trust it? 

Instead of bringing the hammer down on them, I got to stand up and take the blame in front of them, I got to acknowledge that they don't trust the system, and I know why. I got to implore them to trust the system again, and that I would work harder to make this system worthy of their trust again. 

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