Getting Started: The End of an Era, Part 3

It's the end of an era at Southeast. A relic from my early years is finally going away. The logo I designed as on of my very first projects is being replaced. 

At our first Catalyst One Day event, And Stanley directed attention to the banners on our walls and said, "this church knows who they are!" I cringed.

It was time to dive headfirst into more than a new look for Southeast, but I had to be careful. All the mistakes I made with launching the website haunted me. Now, we were messing with vision and identity. This process had to be intentionally slow, had to ask the right questions, and had to involve more people (including the 10th man).

Venn diagram from Kerry Bural on a piece of cardboard.

Venn diagram from Kerry Bural on a piece of cardboard.

Within a couple of weeks, I started meeting with our leadership teams to talk about who we are as a church, what we're good at, and why we do what we do. I had this Venn diagram from Kerry Bural on a piece of cardboard (interesting story).

These are the questions I asked for each circle. In the moment, I pushed a little deeper to get clearer answers.


  • What do we do? What do we offer people who come to us? Try to think in general terms.
  • What are we good at? What are we most successful at?


  • What's important to us?
  • What are we trying to accomplish?
  • What aspects of life are we trying to change?


  • Why do we do what we do?
  • Why do we try to help the people we do?

Everyone gravitated and repeated phrases that our pastor had shared from the stage, to the entire church, or directly to staff in our weekly staff meetings and conferences. We needed some polish on the words, to make them fit together, and begin the development of the art.