Stumbling Backwards: The End of an Era, Part 2

It's the end of an era at Southeast. A relic from my early years is finally going away. The logo I designed as on of my very first projects is being replaced.

We sort of stumbled backwards into a rebrand of Southeast.

Less than a month after I took my new role, leadership of the church changed. Our associate pastor took the job. By casting new vision from the stage during his messages, he started slowly turning the church in a new direction.

After a couple of years, the old vision statements on the walls didn't fit us anymore. We were becoming a different church.

It feels like we sort of stumbled backward into the rebrand. It started with new vision. Then we launched a new more modern site. In the process of building the site, we chose a new brand color, something brighter with more life. All that was left was the logo, and the statements on the walls of our worship center.