On The Last Day

On the last day
When all his work was done
He only just discovered the sun
On the last day

– The Last Day by Moby

It's here. My last day at Southeast. That was nearly 12 years at the same organization. Thank you Southeast staff, past and present, for your influence on my life.

Just a few parting thoughts: 

This was my first design job. They looked at my pitiful portfolio, and gave me a chance. I was able to hone my skills quickly with a variety of different projects.

Though it took almost 6 years, I discovered what it means to be an artist during my time here. I learned the difference between making something cool, and making some that touches emotions. I learned that I don't create for God. I create because of him. 

I got first-hand experience with great leadership, honest leadership, and the chance to develop my own leadership.

I will miss the mini-sermons from my pastor, just us in my office, as he helped me walk through struggles and worry. 

Don't miss what God wants do do with you through this experience. 

I'll miss the collaborative work with talented people, and an amazing designer. 

Peace out, Southeast.